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Hello, Tumblr peeps... My name is Joshua..but you can call me...Whateverrr you darn well please :)

I mainly reblogg everything I find awesome and hilarious...which may consist of girly things that boys don't usually like to nerdy video games...But I'll try to be creative and original and put stuff of my own up...whenever I can..

So....Let me entertain you....And we'll have a real gooood time~
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We only have each other.
It’s just you and me.

We only have each other.

It’s just you and me.

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Send me a Smash Brother and I'll tell you:

Mario: My favorite video game series, and favorite game in the series.
Luigi: A character I would like to see get more attention.
Peach: A character I'd like to get a kiss from.
Bowser: A boss battle that I love
Donkey Kong: A bad guy I'd like to see become good.
Diddy Kong: Favorite sidekick character, or a character I think could use a sidekick.
Yoshi: A character that I think deserves their very own spinoff series.
Wario: A character I don't like in one of my favorite series.
Link: A game or a part of a game that really tested my courage.
Zelda: A game that had the most or one of the most perplexing puzzles.
Sheik: A plot twist I really like.
Ganondorf: An item from a game I'd do anything to have.
Toon Link: A series I think could use a new look.
Samus: A character who's outfit I'd totally wear.
Zero Suit Samus: A character who I'd like more backstory for.
Pit: An older game or series I'd like to see get revived for a sequel.
Ice Climber: A game I love to play with others.
R.O.B.: My favorite gaming accessory.
Kirby: A Character who's abilities you'd love to have.
Metaknight: A gaming mystery you'd really like to see cleared up.
King Dedede: A series you can't get enough of.
Olimar: A game that feels like it took ( or is taking ) forever to be releaed.
Fox: A game you enjoy but other people don't really seem to.
Falco: A game I am unusually good at.
Wolf: A gaming Cliche I'd like to see put to rest.
Captain Falcon: Competitive multiplayer, or co-op?
Pikachu: Favorite Pokemon
Pokemon Trainer: What kind of pet I would have from the world of video games.
Lucario: A game everyone seems to enjoy but you can't get into.
Jigglypuff: A song I really like from a game.
Marth: A game I never played but would really like to.
Ike: My Smash Bros. Mains
Ness: A game I regret not experiencing when It was new.
Lucas: A game I really wish they would localize in my region.
Mr. Game & Watch: Classic games, or modern games?
Snake: A cutscene I really love.
Sonic: My most wanted characters for the next Super Smash Bros. Game
Roy: A character I would replace with another character ( from the same game or a different one )
Mewtwo: A character in one of my favorite series that I wish would make another appearance
Dr. Mario: Favorite Alternate Outfit?
Pichu: Part of a game that makes me question the developer's decision making skills.
Young Link: A game that I consider my childhood.
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People who are younger than you but taller


People who are younger than you but better than you at something


People who are younger than you




Being turned into a llama




yeah… weird


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My favourite concept art by Lisa Keene

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Do you think some pokemon evolve by trading because they think you’re giving them away forever, so in their fear of abandonment they evolve into something better than they were so you’ll love them again?


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Queen Elsa! Don’t be the monster they fear you are!

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Oh boy….

It’s that time of the year for me…Around this time of year my anxiety just skyrockets for some reason. Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of negativity..mostly paranoia, nervousness, and worry. It’s like a bad gut feeling like something’s going to happen and you’re expecting the worse.

It’s scary for one reason because you can’t exactly turn your mind off when it’s all in your head….Another thing is that you’re unsure of why you’re worried about certain things, sometimes even little things, especially if they don’t actually affect you personally or are out of your control.

For example, I find myself caring a little too much about other people..Like Im worried something bad will happen to them..It sounds strange, but I feel like I get emotional about it.

This is the third year in a row I felt this way, it has passed…But it’s still a scary thing to deal with in the moment.. I just want to relax and be at peace again..And find joy in life again…Cause right now I just feel like panicking and on edge..

I don’t mean to sound needy, but I could really use some words of comfort.. Please :\

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All Disney Renaissance Soundtrack Covers

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